• 1. Fly
    2. Can’t
    3. See The Light
    4. FISH
    5. REWIND
    6. Beggin on my knees
    7. Something Good
    8. HOME RUN



GOT7, Releases the mini album 'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE' on March 21st
GOT7, Has been Upgraded and Returned! The New Song ‘Fly’ Will Show the Best Performance ‘Jackpot’

- GOT7, mini album 'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE' the Love Song for the Twenties!
- The Title Song 'Fly', Contains the Pure and Overwhelming Confession of Love of the Young Man in His Twenties.
- GOT7, Participates in Lyrics-Composition for 6 of the total 8 Tracks! High Quality Tracks Make ‘Expectation ↑’

GOT7 announces the new mini album 'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE.’
GOT7, a group that has fascinated the music fans with a highly addictive melody such as ‘Just right’ and ‘If You Do’ in 2015, returns with an upgraded music.
Released on March 21st, GOT7’s mini album 'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE' was created by the new lineups including ‘earattack’ and ‘BB Kicksound’ who have recently worked on KBS 2TV Wed-Thu Drama 'Descendants of The Sun (태양의 후예)' OST 'Everytime,’ making the album to present GOT7’s new aspects.
As previously announced, GOT7 members display their competence by participating in lyrics-composition in this mini album. Newly joining as the co-producers, the members make GOT7’s new genre music fresher. Also, Young K from JYP new band DAY6 has participated in the lyrics, making the album more solid.

'FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE' contains the pure emotion and high passion of the 7 members who are now in their twenties. With a theme of love and friendship, this album is full of lyrics that describe a youth running towards his love.
Based on the Trap music sound of EDM(Electronic Dance Music), the title song ‘Fly(Lyrics and composed by: earattack, BB Kicksound)’ exquisitely crosses over Funky and Hip-hop genres.
The exciting melody with an up tempo beat, GOT7’s intense rap and refreshing vocal together makes the music more powerful and charismatic.
Especially, the title song fully contains a man’s pure confession as his heart pounds unbearably just by looking at his love: ‘I will go higher, wanna soar straight up’ ‘I will light up my heart‘ ‘our time is like sunshine after the rain.‘ The straightforward lyrics describing a man running inexorably towards his love and a memorable melody lines of the song make the listening experience pleasant.

In addition, this mini album contains a total of 8 songs: ‘Can’t’, a song with the member Junior, Distract, Secret Weapon’s emotion of young love, ‘See The Light, in which Yugyeom and Mark participated in composition and BamBam participated in rap making, ‘REWIND’, the first song presented by Youngjae after his debut, ‘FISH’, ‘Something Good’, ‘HOME RUN’, the 3 songs in which the leader JB participated in lyrics-composition.

GOT7 has proved their growth with the last mini album ‘MAD’ which was released in September, 2015 and the group became the popular idol by ranking on Top 1 on various music charts in Japan, China and so on. As their global status and popularity have been proved already, the group’s own Seoul concert and global tour this year will bring high expectation. GOT7, the trendy K-POP group with a brilliant wit and unique refreshing energy! Let’s pay attention to GOT7’s next move!


  • 2018-12-03

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