GOT7 Jr. Ȱ ȳ


ȳϼ. JYP θƮԴϴ.

GOT7 Jr. Ȱ ȳ 帳ϴ.
GOT7 Jr. Ȱ ǥϴ 'Jr.' 
'ִϾ' ϰ Ǿϴ.

GOT7 ִϾ ε Ź帳ϴ. մϴ.


Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to let I GOT7 know Jr.'s Official Name.
GOT7 Jr. used the spells 'Jr.' for Official Name.
From now 'Jr.' changed the spelling of his name, 'Junior' officially.

Please give much support and love to GOT7 and Junior. Thank you.